EcoBase Fastfit Shed Base

As the UK’s original plastic grid foundation system for garden sheds and garden buildings. EcoBase has evolved with the introduction of EcoBase Fastfit. Not only does EcoBase Fastfit provide you with a firm, strong, long-lasting and well-drained foundation for your garden shed or summerhouse building, it is now even quicker to install through to use of snap connectors that link grids to each other. Ecobase plastic pavers for shed bases are laid level onto a prepared flat sub-base and filled with small angular gravel for a free draining permeable shed base.

EcoBase Fastfit comes with easy to follow assembly instructions and can be supplied with a permeable fabric membrane / geotextile, cut to the size of the building’s footprint to suppress the growth of weeds.

EcoBase Info Leaflet

EcoBase Info Laeflet

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